Sonia Folache, the brand’s alma mater, created JOHN TOMJOE in 2011.

Her pieces are inspired by animal, organic and architectural elements that we find in our everyday lives, and are conceived as sculptural furniture.

Her style is characterized as “Kooky Glam” – personal, free, fun, bohemian, original and glamorous-, she peaks into the past for inspiration, putting together classic pieces with a touch of modern design; in other occasions, she glimpses into the future to give her pieces a more minimalistic identity. Both tendencies incorporate the same goal: making its furniture into pieces of art or a piece of art into a useful furniture.

John Tomjoe is 100% handmade by curated artisans of wood, metal and other noble materials. Supporting these extinct handmade professions who seek for excellence crafted beauty offering bespoke high quality pieces of art and design. Therefore each piece has its own and unique identity.

John Tomjoe sculptural furniture is a numbered and a signed piece of art that becomes an everlasting, eloquent symbol of the statement “Made in Spain”.